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Christ is King. Earth His footstool. The Church, His bride.

“Worldview from a Christian Perspective”

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Our Charge

To live according to the revealed truth of God’s word as preserved in the pages of Holy Scripture. To love God and enjoy Him forever. To disciple the nations and teach them to observe all that Christ commanded us, this is our charge. Come join us. 

Our Philosophy

At CivEccly Minded, we believe that Jesus Christ is the only “Way, Truth and Life” and that all other expressions of religion are man made and will only ever lead you away from the one true God. He provided His own Son for the restoration of fallen man through His atoning death on the cross. 

Who We Are

CivEccly Minded is a podcast and vlog about Civics, Ecclesiology, and Family. I look through a Reformed, Christian lens and worldview and apply God’s truth to today’s topics as well as some timeless ones. If you are confused about how to wade through the increasingly murky waters of secular, post-modern America, then let’s walk it together.

Our History

We are a historically Christian nation, founded on and sustained by the moral and righteous laws of God. We have a common law tradition and rely heavily on Western thought and Christian doctrine. Romans 13 is clear that the Civil governing authorities are the deacons of Christ and should act in such capacity.

My Journey to the Kingdom of God

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